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Ok, Newbie here too to this community.  I have a fic I would like to present you. Hope you enjoy, even if it's not beta-ed this time around.

Title: I'll show you what's smooth, Part 1/3
Characters: David/Colby
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Episodes 4.13 and 4.14
Summary: David wants to teach Colby how to be smooth so they can go woman hunting tonight.
Feeback: Yes! Always welcome.
Disclaimer: I do not own Numb3rs or anything related to it.

"So, what are you up to tonight?"
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Title: Return to Watson, Part 1

Three FBI agents return to the scene of the crime, and bring a friend.
Part 1 - Anniversary, Of Sorts
Don plans a peculiar celebration.
Warning: Group grope, orgy, incest, partner-swapping, etc
A/N: Takes place after 'High Holy Days' and before 'Undercover'.  I have no idea how long this is gonna be, perhaps 10 or 12 chapters, but it's up to the boys ...   I'm not gonna post about every update to this list.  I'll post updates to [community profile] numb3rs_slash for this one.

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not so much with the david/colby here, but they do have a scene together, and it's the final piece in the series.

rebirthing. 4 of 4.
colby-centric. colby/charlie. post-colby/david.
rated pg-13. 1173 words. slash & language.
[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
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rebirthing. 3 of 4.
colby-centric. colby/charlie. post-colby/david.
rated nc-17. 2557 words. slash & explicit sex.
[ 1 | 2 ]
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rebirthing. 2 of 4.
colby-centric. pre-colby/charlie. post-colby/david.
rated r. 2671 words. pre-slash & language.
spoilers for "the janus list" and "trust metric."
[ 1 ]
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rebirthing. 1 of 4.
pre-colby/charlie. post-colby/david.
angst. rated nc-17. 2678 words. pre-slash & masturbation.
spoilers for "the janus list" and "trust metric."

** there will be a colby/david focus in part three
ext_3545: Jon Walker, being adorable! (David/Colby - Shattered by _convergence)
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I've been writing a hookerfic AU series over in my journal--the main pairing is Don/Charlie, but there are also a couple of parts from Colby's POV, and a little David/Colby thing is starting to develop. It's not really necessary to read the whole thing for these parts to make sense (although they set up the universe more). All the posts are available here.

The second of these two parts is David/Colby pre-slash, and both rate about a PG-13:

Safe and Sound - in which Colby is first through the door when one of the girls needs help.

Thinking of Jumping - in which Colby is, in fact, thinking of jumping.
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This may not be quite what you're looking for, but here's a long story I wrote about a David/Colby/Don threeway. It's more about David and Colby seducing Don. The story is from Don's POV so scenes with just David & Colby are 'off screen'.

"A Week in Watson"

Rated FRAO (NC-17)
Warning: Slash, M/M/M, Anal, S/D
Part 1 - David and Colby have plans for Don.
Part 2 - Don is "persuaded."
Part 3 - Don gets more than he bargained on.
Part 4 - Don wakes up, and remembers.
Part 5 - Of cinnamon rolls and snow days.
Part 6 - Don plays with his food.
Part 7 - Don looks in the mirror.
Part 8 - Conversation and comfort.
Part 9 - Don shows who is boss.
Part 10 - David, Colby and Don get their man.


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