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Title: Where’s Granger?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] never_again_j 
Rating: R (for the language)
Pairing: David/Colby
Length: 1237
Spoilers: Scratch
Summary: David waits for Colby to call and worries
Disclaimer: Not mine, never would be, never wanted them to be
Notes: Don’t know about you, but in the latest episode, when David was talking to Nikki (I think) and his phone rang, I was sure it’s Colby. Or at least something related to Colby. Was kinda disappointed it wasn’t, but judging by David’s reaction, so was he =)

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A new ep tag challenge! Remember, there is no time limit for you to write your tag, and you can write tags for any previous ep as well. Just let us know what ep your tag is for so we can keep the posts organized

No Colby makes me so sad! I think some Colby/David banter (or smut) would have made this ep a whole lot better! So let’s create some. *g*

Maybe David calls Colby during the case (as he’s wont to do *g*), or they meet up after. Where was Colby? Visiting Idaho, or at a training seminar? Do they talk about it? How long has he been gone, and how happy will David be to see him when he returns?

These are just some ideas off the top of my head; take your fic wherever you want.

Episode Tags, Missing Scenes, and Alternate/Rewritten Scenes related to this (or any) episode are all welcome.

Label your fic so we know which ep it’s for.

Follow the posting rules listed on the community profile.

Have fun!


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