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Title: How To Save A Life (named for the song by The Fray of the same name).
Pairing: David/Colby
Rating: PG-13
Author: Me
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
Summary: His voice instantaneously betraying both his love for David and his remorse for the two British soldiers whose deaths David knew Colby blamed himself for.
Spoilers: If you haven’t seen 2x21 Rampage, go watch. Now. Seriously. Set post 2x21, allusions to and mentions of the events of the episode, so spoilers for that.
Notes: Flangst (fluff/angst), worried!/consoling!David, dependant!/sad!Colby, early established relationship cuteness and sweetness. Can be seen an alternate ending or missing scene. Apologies for the lack of length. Feedback is loved & rewarded with cookies. I rewatched Rampage and look what happened... This story works better if you listen to
this while reading it.




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Title: Winter Love
Summary: On a romantic weekend winter getaway to Lapland, Colby is unable to tolerate the cold, can David help warm him up? (no insinuations...)
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: David/Colby
Warnings: Fluff in copious amounts.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!!!!
Author's Notes: I know, I know, I haven't posted in ages. But I found this little ficlet when I was cleaning up my room and had to post it.
Feedback: Is loved, cookies will be given.


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Title: Aftermath
PG - 13
Author: Me
Pairing: David/Colby (if it wasn't, I wouldn't be posting it here, would I?)
Summary: David comforts Colby after memories break the war vetern.
Disclaimer: If I owned these guys, they'd be canon.
A/N: Set after 2x21 - 'Rampage' but no spoliers for the episode. 
& my wonderful beta wrote the poem at the begining & end of this little fic.
Ermm, slightly hurt/comfort inclined

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Title: I'll Stand By You
Author: Me
Pairing/Characters: David/Colby
Rating: Teen
Summary: Set during Trust Metric. David by Colby's hospital bed.
Word Count: 398
Spoilers: Trust Metric
Notes/Warnings: Songfic. Slash.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything *cries* if I did, David & Colby would at least have faced up to their feelings for each other. 

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This is a fanvid I made...


Named it Wolftickets, not after the comm, but after the fight they have in Judgement Call 

Hope you like it.




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Title: I Won't Give Up

Author: Me

Pairing/Characters: David, Larry, Charlie

Rating: Teen

Summary: David in the aftermath of The Janus List. Set in an imaginary world where Amita doesn't exist, Larry is still in L.A and Larry and Charlie are together.

Word Count: 185

Spoilers: The Janus List, Rampage

Notes/Warnings: It's a little drabble, ficlet

Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue. If it were mine, Amita wouldn't exist...



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