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Title: The plan
Author: [livejournal.com profile] never_again_j 
Rating: PG
Pairing: David/Colby , Charlie/Don (implied)
Length: 2089 words
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Inspired by David’s line in “Trust Metrix” : “He didn’t forget to pick me up from the airport…”.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never would be, never wanted them to be

Notes: I generally avoid writing from someone’s POV, especially from David’s, but this time it felt right. Feedback is always appreciated


David’s POV

The trip to New York has been interesting, to say the least. Turns out I wasn’t wrong and a lot of things have changed since the last time I’ve been here. Still, it is always nice to see the place where I was born and lived, to catch up with some old friends, to drink myself to oblivion a couple of times and not worry about my FBI reputation. But, as the plane approaches its final destination I realize that it’s high time to put the “special agent David Sinclair mask” back in place. I’ve got work to do and probably the work will start sooner than I planed, because Colby promised to pick me up from the airport and drive me straight to work. Which is not weird at all, because Colby is my partner and he was the one who drove me to the airport two weeks ago when I was leaving.  So, as I was waiting for my luggage, I could almost see Granger’s face, grinning at me and hear his voice, telling me about Charlie’s latest algorithm or how boring it is to be on a stake out with Nikki. Because, no offence, but for the five years that we’ve been working together, we managed to become a great team…So yeah, it feels good to be home.

I managed to get my suitcase pretty quickly, and all but run to the exit. I can’t believe how nervous I feel about seeing my partner. I’ll never tell it to anyone, especially not Nikki, but I did actually miss him. No scratch that, I missed my work, Granger is just a part of it…An important part, I admit. Funny, I remember I didn’t like him the day we met, but guess he has this effect on people sometimes. Soon though they get to know him and he just gets under their skin. He’s fun, smart, I know I can always depend on him…And he’s not here yet! … Yes, he’s not! I can’t believe he’s late, but OK, the LA traffic can be tough sometimes, so I’ll wait. Sure he’ll be here any minute now.

Half an hour later there’s still no sign of Colby Granger! I tried his cell numerous times, but it goes to voice mail every time. Forget everything I said or thought about him 30 minutes ago, the guy is irresponsible and I can’t believe he let me down that way! I leave him a voice mail, which I fear might look more whinny and less angry than I anticipated, but who cares, I have every right in the world to be pissed – a friend should never forget to pick his partner up from the airport! I get into a cab and head straight to the office, trying to think of the best way to get some pay back. Should I ignore him for the rest of the day? Or should I act like nothing happened? That’s a hard decision to make, Granger and I have this habit not to talk about stuff, hoping they’ll go away on their own, but this time I don’t think I can let it go. Pay back will be a bitch, agent Granger!


Charlie’s POV

The day didn’t start as I planned it, but I guess that’s a normal thing these days. Don has been acting weird ever since…Ever since I don’t know when. Maybe it has something to do with Amita now living in the house with me. Or with the fact that I asked her to marry me. Like it wasn’t Don’t idea at all… “You need to get married bro, at least one of us should give Dad grand children…It won’t change a thing between us…”. Obviously he was wrong…things are different now, but hopefully they won’t stay that way for long. We really need to talk about it.

I make myself a cup of coffee and join Don, Liz and Nikki, who are chatting about something. I don’t really pay attention to what they are saying, trying to catch my brother’s eyes, but he does great job in avoiding me. I’m just about to ask him for a couple of minutes of private conversation, when we are joined by what looks like a very angry David. Interesting…

“Hey, David!” – Nikki starts first –“ What’s up with you? And where’s your girlfriend? Colby I mean” – she laughs

“It wasn’t funny the first time you said it, and it ain’t now” – David bites back – “How should I know where Granger is? Didn’t see him for two weeks”

“But he left early this morning, said he’s going to pick you up at the airport” –Lizz added – “Didn’t he…?”

“Well, obviously he didn’t “ – I could swear David sounds disappointed – “I was expecting him, but, he didn’t bother showing up. Had to take a cab, since my car is parked here”

“You tried his phone?” –Don joins the conversation –“Maybe he’s stuck in traffic…”

“Goes straight to voice mail. Maybe he is…or maybe he’s just forgotten, you know Granger, don’t you. I wonder how he hasn’t forgotten his name yet” – David laughs nervously and heads to the break room. Don joins him and I’m left with Lizz and Nikki, who presumably have nothing more important to do, so they keep the conversation about the Sinclair-Granger partnership. Obviously I have nothing more important to do either, because I stay with them.

“What’s up with those two?”  - Nikki asks – “I doubt that Granger has forgotten about David, but even if he did, is it such an important issue to argue about?”

"Well, they haven’t had a fight for a really long time…” – Lizz offers – “Maybe it’s time”

“Indeed I don’t recall them fighting since the Chinese spy thing two years ago” – I join the conversation

“Yes, this was a hard time for them…Since then they’ve been stronger than ever” – Lizz laughs. Then obviously realizes that after all we are at work so she adds – “But let’s leave them to their own, I suggest we get back to work”


David’s POV

An hour after I got to the office, I still seem unable to concentrate and get my mind off Colby. Because first, I’m pissed, and second – there’s still no sign of him so I’m a little bit worried too. Obviously Don noticed it, because he suggests I call it a day, and head back home. I don’t really feel like working or arguing anyway, so I say a quick goodbye to everyone and head back home, making plans about my future payback. Would it be too pathetic, if I drop by his place? Or should I call first? I have to know he’s OK, dignity aside, I’m actually worried. I struggle with this dilemma all the way back to my place and finally decide I’ll get home, take a shower and then call him. Self respect is overrated.

I get to my apartment, drop my keys on the table and notice I have a dozen messages on my answering machine. Well, that’s not surprising; after all I was gone for two weeks. There are a bunch of work related, one from a friend of mine, one from myself…I did call once my own phone to remind myself to never mix tequila and whiskey ever again … I play the messages while I’m undressing and by the time I get to the last one, I’m down to my underwear and socks.

“Hey David!” –Granger’s happy voice greeted me from the answering machine and I suddenly tensed –“ Guess right now you are at home, getting ready to take a shower or eating, or both, and you are silently cursing me up for not being there today at the airport…See partner, there’s an explanation for this, and I hope by the time you hear it, you will be no longer pissed but actually eager to see me… So, the thing is, I’ve been thinking, like a lot…” – I snorted, Granger thinking? Notify the media – “Don’t laugh, I do that from time to time, you know…So the thing is… IreallyLikeYouAndAsMuchMore ThanJustAPartnerOrAFriend… IThinkI’mInLoveWithYou…” – Huh? I didn’t get a word from what he just said, but I got this feeling deep in my stomach that I couldn’t explain. He didn’t…Did he? – “Ok, so guess I’ll have to repeat myself…I said I think I’m in love with you, David and…oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this on an answering machine, but…I’m a coward, when it comes down to feelings, so… Ok, just wanted to let you know…Bye…Oh and sorry for not picking you up at the airport…”

I play the message again, and again, and again…and then one more time. My head is spinning… I sit down on the couch; trying to gather my thoughts together…a few deep breaths later I still can’t breathe properly. Finally giving up, I press one on my speed dial. Voice mail…Of course…

“Hey Granger! It’s me…I’m home…Got your message…I… I need to see you” – I breathe into the phone – “Hope you haven’t left for Mexico yet” – I laugh – “I’m coming over so…”

“Hello” – I hear the familiar voice on the other end and suddenly my head is spinning again


“Uh yes…” – I hear him laugh nervously

“Didn’t expect you to pick up” – I admit honestly

“Well you did say our distress word… Are you alright?”

“Ah sure, just a little bit stressed that’s all” – now it’s my turn to laugh – “I had a long flight, then went to work, ALONE, oh and there’s this whole thing when my best friend said he loved me…”

“Yeah, ok, so I forgive you the use of the word then…after all you are allowed to be stressed…” – Colby says quietly – “Listen…” – but I don’t feel like letting him talk any more

" I Love You Too, you moron” – I say quickly, before he got the chance to take his words back


“Granger?” – I hope he didn’t hyperventilate there – “You with me, man?”

“Yeah, I’m just busy smiling so my brain refuses to work” – I can practically hear him laugh

“God, I need to see you” – I close my eyes and imagine his smile. –“What took us so long to realize it? Why didn’t you say anything sooner? What made you say it now?” –I suddenly become conscious of the fact that there is no sound on the other end of the line” – “Granger, you with me man? Please tell me I didn’t imagine all that? Granger? “

“One question at a time, partner” – I hear his voice and it feels like…I quickly turn my head and there  he is, right in my bedroom, smiling nervously at me – “Hi” – he says – “You said you wanted to see me and…” – I don’t let him finish, because I’m quickly on my feet and into his personal space. The last thought I have, before my brain goes completely numb from the feeling of having Colby’s lips on mine is “Not picking me up at the airport? Not such a sin after all”


Charlie’s POV

The day is finally over; everyone left the office, so there’s just me and Don. It’s conversation time, now or never. I’m about to go looking for him, when he joins me in the break room, smiling and suddenly I realize that I don’t need a conversation to know that we’ll be alright. I smile at him too and he pulls me closer, so I can rest my head on his chest

“You think it’ll work?” – He asks quietly and I don’t really know what he’s talking about so I ask.

“Colby and David” –he answers and I get it. The plan…

“Sure it will, after all, it worked on me, didn’t it?” – I laugh – “Still can’t believe you told Colby about it”

“Neither could I” –Don admits –“But the guy was desperate and as his boss I’m supposed to help him”

"Of course you are” – I smile –“Now, feel like helping me?”

“My genius little brother needs help?” –He laughs and then gets it –“Sure, Chuck, lead the way”


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